The underlying theme of The fDi Report 2020 - the annual assessment of crossborder investment based on fDi Markets, a service from the Financial Times – is that greenfield foreign direct investment (FDI) largely remained stationary.

The fDi Report 2020 reveals that greenfield capital investment decreased by 15% to $795.7bn, while the number of FDI projects reached 15,558, compared to the 15,561 recorded in 2018. Job creation declined 5% to 2.2 million.

Key FDI trends spotted include:

  • The US replaces China as the highest ranked country for inward FDI by capital investment
  • Western Europe is the leading source region for FDI in 2019, with $300.5bn in capital investment
  • The UK is the top destination for FDI in Europe, with a total of 1,271 projects in 2019
  • The number of FDI projects from China into the US declines by 51%
  • FDI into Africa by number of projects grows 49% to 998

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